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    Breast Reduction

    Sammy R

    15 July 2023

    “I am so incredibly happy with my breast reduction experience with Mark and Christine. The entire process has been so easy and the results are out of this world.

    During my consultation (in February), Mark and I discussed the various issues and aches I was experiencing due to my large breasts, both physically and mentally. It was almost like he could tell right away exactly what I needed and how much smaller I could go to get the results I wanted. Mark explained the whole procedure to me in detail and answered my massive list of questions very patiently, which I really appreciated. I’m sure he has to go through this with all of his patients but it being the first time I was hearing any of it, I appreciated the safe space to ask all of my questions. He also came across very confident in his work (his before and afters speak for themselves!) but not pushy at all, which again was really comforting to me. He encouraged me to do my research before booking the surgery in but I knew right away that I wanted him to be my surgeon!”


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