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    Abigail S
    24 May 2023

    My experience undergoing Septo Rhinoplasty and alar base reduction with Mark Solomos was faultless.
    Right from the start he made me comfortable and fully informed about the procedure, he answered all my questions and concerns.
    I never felt pressured into having surgery, it was completely my decision and the right one.
    He’s very approachable and made me feel relaxed and confident about the surgery even though it was my first time having any sort of procedure done.
    It was clear right from the start that Mark cared about the results as much as I did.
    I can’t thank him enough!
    The results were perfect, they far exceeded my expectations!

    Breast reduction/uplift with implants
    Helen N
    24 January 2024

    Mr Solomos is a slightly more direct surgeon but that works for me, no frills but so so pleased with his work, he’s a god damn genius!!!

    Breast reduction
    Jenny P
    5 March 2024

    I already knew that Mark was well-known for being highly skilled and a perfectionist. From the moment I had my first consultation, I felt in safe hands and I was impressed with his knowledge and passion for what he does. I am very happy with my results. His PA Christine is very friendly and helpful. They are the dream team.

    Henrietta S
    9 December 2023

    Mark is one of the nicest surgeons I’ve met and I have met a good few. He has the right balance of confidence and experience, I immediately felt at ease and trusted his opinion

    Taylor P
    18 October 2023

    Mark Solomos has been amazing from day one. He has a very calm manor and makes you feel comfortable. I had my consultation in November and I immediately knew that this was my surgeon. Now two weeks post op and i have already found a confidence that i never knew possible. This man has fixed me not just physically but emotionally too.

    Lynnie H
    29 December 2023

    If you are considering plastic or cosmetic surgery and you don’t already know this man, you should most definitely get to know him! His skills are unbelievably incredible. He such an understanding, caring and compassionate person. After breaking my nose a year ago and consequently needing rhino-septoplasty as well as a complete reconstruction of my airway, I’m so grateful and fortune to have been under Mark’s care. He was truly amazing from start to finish and I cannot fault him one bit. He completely exceeded my expectations

    Sonny P
    17 November 2023

    Mr solomos was a lovely surgeon he was very thorough on what was needed to improve the look of my nose, he even pointed out something of which I hadn’t noticed in it’s appearance before, he was very vigilant after the operation, he came to check up on me and how I was feeling twice in the hospital

    Miles F
    23 February 2024

    Mark Solomos is a great surgeon and a genuine man who truly cares about his patients. Would recommend anyone to have their lives changed by using Mark for their surgery. He also has a very dedicated team who work with him to guide you through all the paperwork, appointments and after-care.

    Mark N
    23 May 2023

    If you are serious about changing anything about YOU with cosmetic surgery, look no further.
    Never underestimate the power of the result.
    A result that exceeds not just your own expectations but your wildest dream. Life changing, truly.
    Mark Solomos, the GOD!
    In my career I had the fortunate opportunity to work with dozens of cosmetic surgeons. It quickly became apparent that none compared to the skill and expertise of Mark.
    His results were consistently phenomenal. The care for each and every patient outstanding.
    So, in May 2017, I had my first procedure with Mark. Abdominoplasty with muscle repair and liposuction. Mark literally sculpted a transformation to my body. I had a waist for the first time, a flat stomach. The body of a woman half my age. Truly outstanding.
    The years have passed and I was having some pain from old breast implants I had had some 15 years ago.
    There is only ONE surgeon I could trust with my body, Mark.
    After a prompt response from Christine I booked a consultation and travelled the 350 mile round trip.
    Because of the power of an outstanding result.
    I’ve seen many poor or average surgical result in my career but never from Mark.
    After an honest discussion we agreed to remove the encapsulated implants, remove the capsule, breast reduction and as I’m fast approaching 60 upper eyelids, neck and face lift.
    I am 10 weeks post op today.
    I love my breasts so much that for the first time ever I wish I could walk around naked! My body now perfectly reflects the sexy woman I felt inside.
    My face? Wow. I cannot eloquently express the confidence that this result has given me.
    Book that consultation.
    As I said, never underestimate the power of the result.
    Mark Solomos delivers outstanding results each and every time.

    Charlie D
    1 February 2024

    Amazing from the very beginning. I knew I could trust him with such a massive surgery. He advised accordingly and explained everything in great detail.